Meet Lalena, cont...

My deep understanding of the human soul's journey and its multidimensional layers of reality has attuned me to major life transitions and challenges at specific initiatory points. My heartfelt passion lies in compassionately witnessing and listening to my clients, supporting the processing of these life-changing events.

Today, I am guided to spread the truth of sacred grief and sexual mysteries to activate these long-forgotten pathways within women.

I utilise many tools and gifts with which I have extensive experience, bridging ancient tools and practices within a modern experiential embodied framework. This allows for sudden and radical shifts in perception and reality.

It is my highest honour to create sacred space in which you can explore, unlock, and express your fullness, discover sacred passions, heal wounds, and eliminate self-limiting beliefs and physical ailments.



My Story

Where it all began...


Becoming a mother is undeniably the most profound and transformative experience I've encountered in this lifetime. These boys, my precious gifts, have arrived not only to teach me invaluable lessons but also to anoint me as their Guide-ess. 


It began with my eldest son, a beacon of light that entered my life during my darkest hours. Struggling with addiction and enveloped in fear, his arrival marked a turning point, guiding me towards the sacredness of my own existence.

I found myself standing at a literal crossroads of life and death.

In that moment, the gift of his life within me became a catalyst, leading me back to the sanctity of my own being. Filled with unwavering faith and courage, I made the profound choice to nurture and birth him, simultaneously embarking on a journey of complete rebirth for myself.

The journey deepened with the unexpected conception of quadruplets, a rollercoaster of emotions, risks, and the relentless pursuit of ensuring their safe entry into the world. The quads were the catalyst for my spiritual awakening. At only 23 weeks, I was already as big as a woman at 40, It had been just seven days since the consultant had given me the last chance to change my mind about terminating or reducing the pregnancy. However, each time, I felt something deeper, a higher force guiding me, assuring me that everything would be okay.

At times, I thought I was crazy, listening repeatedly to the potential risks involved for myself and for the chances of safely bringing four babies into this world. What scared me the most was that I had never heard or felt the presence of something greater before. It was so new, but at the same time, so empowering. It felt like the first time in my life that I had been so certain of something that I couldn’t fully grasp or see.

Now in labour, I faced the fear of my decision. The injection of steroids to strengthen the babies' lungs, and drugs to stop the contractions became a turning point, my labour was stopped and the waiting game in the hospital began, marked by milestones and moments of deep reflection.

In the final days, the deep void of trust and surrender became a place where prayer was the breath that kept me going. The feeling of eight tiny feet kicking and pushing through my belly brought both sleepless nights and a reassuring peace.

Knowing that these four souls chose me to bring them safely into the world, I did everything in my power to ensure their well-being. Meeting my little warriors was a moment of sheer joy and reverence. Despite the challenges, on the 29th of February, at 29 weeks gestation, these tiny humans took their first breaths, I wept in awe of the pure miracle of birth and the incredible capability of the human body.

Reflecting on this profound journey, a cellular memory within my body still feels the intensity of the experience. It reminds me of the capacity we all hold within, the sacred seed of life infusing into existence, awakening our awareness to the light of our higher self.

My Journey of Remembrance...

It commenced out of sheer necessity—The quads were four at the time, and I was fraught with confusion, my body was torn apart by illness. Faced with this reality, I had a crucial choice: surrender to the prescribed narrative of my life or seek an alternative path.

Until that pivotal moment, I had never contemplated anything beyond the scripted experience I believed was my life. I was unaware of my ability to control my health by addressing root causes rather than superficial solutions. The power to create and manifest my dreams and reality remained hidden from me. Underneath the layers of masks and limiting beliefs, a profoundly whole, connected, intuitive feminine force resided.

I was merely existing, getting by. I was hurting inside and out.



The turning point arrived in January 2016 when, after seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical medications for ongoing diagnosed psoriasis and arthritis, I received a heartbreaking diagnosis of cancerous cells in my womb. After three unsuccessful attempts to remove cancerous cells from my cervix over the previous 10 years, the proposed solution was a hysterectomy. At that critical moment, I heard a voice similar to the one I had heard during my pregnancy, it was strong and loud guiding me to find another way. A clear call resonated within me—to heal, love, and respect my body. To remember who I was and why I had chosen this earthly existence. Declining medical intervention, I embarked on a profound journey of holistic and spiritual transformation and healing.

From this point, my journey of remembrance and healing unfolded at a remarkable pace. Desperation met openness, awakening me to concepts and ideas that once seemed 'far out.' As I delved deeper into these practices, I felt more connected to my body, heart, and soul. Learning to love and care for myself in unprecedented ways made me feel truly alive.

Simultaneously, my marriage ended as our paths diverged. Despite acknowledging my healing journey, my partner chose a different road. Surrendering the outcome of our marriage to the Divine required immense courage, but it provided the guidance and strength to choose myself, trusting in my ability to raise my five boys.

After the conclusion of my relationship, I embarked on an 18-month journey of celibacy, immersing myself in a daily routine of self-care. This period involved a profound return to my cyclical nature, aligning my body with the lunar cycles, and fostering a reconnection with Mother Nature. Every available moment was dedicated to self-love, enriching the bond I shared with myself.


The All Clear...

It was during this transformative phase that I stumbled upon an extraordinary teacher specialising in feminine reclamation and rewilding through a podcast.


Instantaneously drawn to her work, the goddesses, and the practices, I felt an unmistakable call to dive deeper. This exploration encompassed a spectrum of practices, including shamanic, esoteric, and tantric, all while embracing the profound world of Goddess work.

Motivated by a deep soul yearning, I made the journey from the UK to Colorado, eager to sit in a circle with her and other brave women who had travelled from afar. This experience marked my first encounter with the genuine power of sacred women's work, forever altering the trajectory of my life.

In the unwavering commitment and devotion to myself and the transformative process of peeling back layers, clearing painful distortions, and reconnecting with my innate body wisdom, I miraculously received an all-clear diagnosis after just six months. The cancerous cells vanished entirely! This initiation into my Divine Feminine essence revealed an incredible truth—it had always been within me. Unconsciously ignored and repressed due to external influences, I learned to honour and tune back into her cycles, rhythms, and the profound gifts and lessons she offered at every turn. This journey was influential and life-changing, albeit tremendously painful.

Becoming conscious of my inclination to live in my head, pursuing success and financial gain, and understanding why I had lost touch with my feminine nature and essence was profound. The distorted views of my body, womb, menstrual cycles, emotions, and wild nature were deeply ingrained from centuries of suppression. Ancestral history marked by persecution for being a woman with healing gifts fueled my journey. Addressing these blocked, shamed, judged, and repressed aspects of self required surrendering to the darkness, yet each time,

I emerged freer, wiser, more trusting, and in tune with myself and my intuition.

Enter The Priestess...

Following the threads of this newfound inner guidance I continued the journey into my sexuality to try and understand how it may have been the catalyst for my womb health issues.

It was an exploration that shaped the very essence of my being.

At the core of my existence, sexuality and sexual expression have always held immense importance—an archetype of my soul, if you will. However, up until my early thirties, it was marked by twists and turns, leading me through experiences that were both challenging and enlightening.

As I reflected on a tumultuous past, I confronted the profound impact of my journey through an unhealthy sexual expression—an odyssey that delved into the realms of prostitution, explored the depths of BDSM and kink, and navigated the complexities of open marriages. These experiences were not simply a pursuit of pleasure but rather a manifestation of my deep-seated desire for acceptance and validation.  It became clear that I had been attempting to fill a void in my life, seeking solace in the encounters with both men and women.

My entry into prostitution marked a crucial juncture, a chapter born out of a toxic relationship, and the timeframe I hinted at earlier, when I was adrift in the tumultuous sea of drug addiction. In those challenging moments, the peak of my unconscious exploration manifested as a profoundly agonizing experience on my 27th birthday. 

Emma-beth-glastonbury_77 copy 2

A carjacking and sexual assault cast a long, shadow over my past, amplifying the complexities of my choices and unhealthy expressions. This traumatic event became a pivotal point, a moment of reckoning that forced me to confront the depths of my vulnerabilities and the expressions of my sexuality that had led me to that dark place.


My journey took an unexpected turn as I sought healing and understanding of my shadows. In my quest for self-discovery and empowerment, a series of divine connections led me straight to the doors of Amrita Grace and the Sacred Feminine Mystery School. She was just about to begin her training of the first cohort of Spiritual Sexual Educators and I knew within every cell of my being I needed to embark on this certification journey, aspiring to guide and support others who, like me, had faced traumas and challenges around sexuality.

As I delved into the teachings with Amrita, I found a profound sense of integration between my past and the empowered healer I was becoming. The certification process became more than just a formal education; the sacred feminine mysteries unveiled themselves, weaving a tapestry that connected my personal journey with universal truths.

I  came to understand that true acceptance and validation cannot be found in the arms of others but must emanate from within. The distorted expressions of my sexuality served as a mirror, reflecting the internal struggles and yearnings that needed attention and healing. In facing these complexities head-on, I embarked on a path of growth, reclaiming the authenticity of my sexual identity.

Today, as I navigate the sacred realm of sexual healing, I carry the scars and the lessons of my past. What began as a personal journey of healing and awakening transformed into a lifelong dedication. Through the integration of my experiences, I was able to step forward to share the truth of the feminine mysteries, activating the forgotten path within women. The Dragon Rose Mystery School emerged as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. The shadows of my journey have transformed into beacons of light, opening doors for women to reconnect with their essence, explore, unlock, and express their fullness. Awakening sacred gifts, passions, and purpose while healing wounds, self-limiting beliefs, and health problems.


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The Initiation Continues...

For just over a year, I immersed myself in Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing, sharing these transformative gifts through workshops and in-person healing sessions. The response from those who journeyed with me was nothing short of profound.


My training had helped me to embrace the theoretical concepts of sexuality as a powerful force for healing, awakening, and creative abundance, yet, it was in guiding both men and women through the process of unlocking their sexual energy, dismantling blocks, and tapping into their innate power that the theoretical became tangible. The transformations manifesting in their lives served as a living testament to the truth I had embraced. This journey not only left an indelible mark on those I worked with but also sparked a profound transformation in how I showed up in the world and the magical paths that unfolded before me.

Every twist and turn felt like an orchestration in harmony with the Divine will of my unique journey. However, as the dawn of 2020 brought forth the pandemic, I found myself drawn into a cocoon. It was a time when I needed to step away from my work and hibernate alongside the rest of the world. My days were consumed with homeschooling my boys and sitting in the silence amidst the global grief and decay.

This period took a toll on me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, plunging me into a deep, dark night of the soul. Struggling to support my family both financially and physically, the weight of isolation and fear diminished my capacity to fully engage with the world.

Enter Daniel Sowleu, a pioneer in the realm of Primal Experiential Therapeutic Astrology. I had the privilege of being Daniel's client for 18 transformative months before this, immersing myself in the dynamic realm of the astrological medicine wheel. Together, we delved into the depths of my unconscious, weaving together fragmented aspects of my soul to achieve wholeness and integration.

woman hands holding candle close up

Experiential astrology, with its myriad benefits, allows for direct communication with our unconscious, tapping into its wisdom and mystery. The process involves reconnecting with lost or wounded parts, while simultaneously accessing healing and transformative energies residing at the core of our being. Our body, with its innate wisdom, becomes a remarkable vessel for consciousness, conveying what we have yet to fully integrate or accept.

As layers of suppressed beliefs, emotions, or experiences are unveiled through symbols and archetypes, it's akin to lifting veils from our eyes. The more we release from the unconscious, the clearer our vision becomes, allowing us to simply be in the present moment.

I had experienced such huge shifts in my life through working with Daniel, so when in the depths of my underworld journey he invited me to join his Goddess Asteroids Masterclass, to intimately learn about the archetypes and patterns of these faces of the feminine in our birth charts, I jumped at the chance.

This experience became my guiding light, leading me out of the darkness and empowering me to fully embrace my sovereignty and strength. It dawned on me that this work was a destined tool, a missing link essential for evolving and supporting my mission of sexual healing and empowerment for humanity.

In 2021, I committed to a year-long certification program, completing it with a newfound sense of purpose and presence in the world. As the world began to open up again after the pandemic, I stepped forward once more sharing monthly gatherings, conducting workshops, and offering private healing sessions for clients not only in the UK but across the globe.

Coming Home...

In 2022, the universe brought forth the incredible presence of my beloved, who gracefully stepped into my world, embracing the wild and magical journey of raising my five boys. Together, we envisioned a future where we could live in harmony with the earth, surrounded by love and freedom. Our dream was to create a space where our children and humanity could thrive, embracing their sovereignty and dharma


We understood that we were the architects of this reality, and the journey began within ourselves.


Our shared vision was a home where we could unfold into our truth, realise our full potential and cultivate a sacred and nurturing environment for others. For more than a year, we sought this vision in the UK, exploring various paths guided by our intuition. However, none of the doors seemed to open.

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IMG_3657 2

It wasn't until our trip back to my homeland, South Africa, in early 2023 that the path became clear. Kuthumba, an Eco Village nestled in the enchanting Tsitsikamma forest along the Garden Route, called to us. Here, we felt a profound peace and a magnetic connection to the land, discovering a property that embodied everything we had been seeking.

Having relocated our family in late 2023, our lives are now unfolding in this new chapter. It's been the most significant risk and adventure I've ever embarked on, filled with challenges, struggles, and moments of pain. We've had to continually release and evolve our perceived intentions and desires. Yet, with each passing day, we grow stronger and closer.

The land has become a healing sanctuary for us and, in time, will be for others as well. I am profoundly grateful to announce the upcoming opening of the Dragon Rose Temple and Retreat Centre in the months and years ahead. This brave move marks the beginning of an exciting journey, a testament to our unwavering commitment to sharing the beauty and magic of our vision and prayer, and this land and sanctuary with the world.