Dancing With The Dark Goddess

A Four-Month Online Guided Journey

Open the doors to your Feminine Magic through an intimate sisterhood, exploring mythology, archetypal symbology, emotional cleansing & guided primal dance.

** Temple doors open in early Autumn 2022 – EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST via email below **

Welcome dear Sister

I lovingly invite you into this sacred circle to commune and explore.

This is women’s business… we have gathered for eons to guide and support one another. Accessing together, the mystery and the magic that resides in the liminal spaces. Where the light is in fact the radiant darkness, and through diving deeper into our ancient and innate being, we create, destroy, birth and rebirth the gold that lies within.

YES… When women come together, magical things happen!

There is an unspoken thread which lies dormant within us. Coming into circle and being in the presence of our Sisters allows us to tune into this frequency. We gather to come home to ourselves in whatever form that looks like to you. 

Our circle takes place once a month during the dark moon phase of Luna’s cycle.

This phase is a time of visioning in the darkness. A time of listening and accessing the wisdom of our souls. Ready to be planted, as the new moon begins to illuminate the path ahead. You may like to feel the wisdom keepers of the womb, as they gather at the dark moon to bleed and dream together. Washing away the energies of the past cycle and receiving the new. 










If you have any questions, please feel free to email me on info@lalenarose.com. No prior experience of this work is necessary. Simply an open, inquisitive and curious heart and soul will bring you into the threshold of what awaits you. You will be held with love and intention through your experience. I am honoured to be your guide into the mysteries <3

** Temple doors open in early Autumn 2022 – EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST via email below **


Intimate Sisterhood & Sharing
Primal Dance
Feminine Reclamation & Embodiment
Archetypal Symbology
Experiential Astrology
Womb Alchemy
Emotional Freedom
Sexual Liberation
Womb Consciousness
Feminine Magic
Shadow Work


Dancing with the Dark Goddess is an online guided journey, in which I invite you to look deeper into yourself through the exploration of mythology, cosmology, archetypal symbology and guided primal feminine dance.

Here I create a safe ceremonial space, giving you permission to uncover what lies underneath the conscious mind; the hidden and suppressed emotions, stories and beliefs you have been carrying for lifetimes. 

Each journey is a ritual that has been divinely orchestrated to offer you an initiation and rite of passage into a brand new way of being.

Before we were made to conform to an ideal of what it meant to be woman, there was a time when the sacred feminine held and guided the world. They were independent, empowered and embodied primordial love. Their energy flowed through every crevice of the earth with the capacity to heal and restore. The traits of these women are within us all. We carry them from our mothers and grandmothers and they are hidden dormant within our DNA. If we open to uncover the truths that are hidden underneath, with a willingness to work through the layers of our conditioning and wounding, we can access the gifts that will tune is into our potent and unconditionally loving and flowing power.

Lalena Rose

Every month we will invite and invoke through the soul expression of story, dance and movement the archetypes of the Dark Goddess (Maiden, Medicine Woman, Wild Woman & Liberator). Their invitation to you is to commit to going deep, to uncover their gifts; Your gifts. A Reclamation, Remembrance and Reconnection to your true essence and divinity.

In Series One we will explore the core emotions within our sacred heart and womb of Grief, Fear, Rage & Longing. Accessing and alchemically transmuting them through, breath, sound, movement and feminine embodiment practices.


Archetype: Persephone (Greek) / Creiddylad (Celtic)
Emotion: Grief
Open to your softness, vulnerability and excitement. She is full of curiosity and joy, woven together with deep grief of what was lost, hidden and shamed. She gifts you the ebb and the flow of femininity and sexuality, the fertile seasonal pleasures. The openness to give and receive love without need and with the greatest of pleasure. 

Archetype: Hekate (Greek) / Cerridwen (Celtic)
Emotion: Longing
Release what is wounded within. Your trauma, conditioning and beliefs. The pain and longing you have carried for lifetimes. She gifts you clarity to see the path ahead. She invites you to open your heart, to allow yourself to take risks again. To allow yourself and your soul to experience pleasure, connection and belonging once more.

Archetype: Kali (Eastern) / Morrigan (Celtic)
Emotion: Anger/Rage
Where do you feel stuck or inhibited? She is the fire that burns so deeply through your core. Your rage is sacred, and has the deepest grace to offer you when you let its potency channel through you for intentional purpose. She offers you the unprecedented freedom from all structures and outdated modes of being that you are ready to burn in the flames.

Archetype: Lilith (Middle East)/ Medb (Celtic)
Emotion: Fear
Dance the wild through your entire being. Release and let go, of your fear, anxiety, materialism and unembodied power. She gives voice to your primal carnal cravings and instincts. She allow you to scream your intensity, to go to your darker depths, to the wild, untamed aggressive parts. Revealing the purity of what lies hidden within. 


Lalena is a Spiritual Midwife and Guide, specialising in Dark Feminine Reclamation & Embodiment, Rebirthing, Womb Awakening, Sacred Sexual Liberation and Hieros Gamos.

As a certified facilitator of Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing and Primal Therapeutic Experiential Astrology, Lalena has pioneered her own unique approach to spiritual sexual education, Jungian archetypal psychology, and primal somatic healing modalities. Combined with her background in alchemy, dance, sacred site journeys and galactic star lineages, she brings a diverse kind of magic to the creation of sacred space through what she describes as the Dragon Rose Portal of Primordial Love

** Temple doors open in early Autumn 2022 – EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST via email below **

A ritual is the enactment of a myth. And, by participating in the ritual. you are participating in the myth. And since myth is the projection of the depth of wisdom of the psyche, by participating in ritual, participating in myth, you are being, as it were, put in accord with that wisdom, which is the wisdom that is inherent within you anyhow. Your consciousness is being reminded of the wisdom of your own life.

~ Joseph Campbell