Alchemical Process



Air is connected to our consciousness and our mental intellect, centered around our thoughts, feelings and unconscious beliefs. During the process of Dissolution the unconscious material of the psyche was raised and brought to the surface. It is through the process of Separation that we are able to transform these parts of ourselves and carry this merging with spirit into creation. Through witnessing ourselves in stliness we begin to comprehend with clarity what it is within our existence that we can remove or clear to make way for the next stage. We are asked to take a discerning look at our lives from the highest perspective and get rid of what does not serve us and our greatest potential.

Chemically, In the separation stage the Alchemist isolates the components of dissolution by filtration, and then discards unworthy material.


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Suggested Exploration 

Embarking on the exploration of the alchemical process of separation involves a multidimensional approach, incorporating various transformative practices.

  1. Meditation:

   Meditation is a foundational practice in the exploration of the alchemical process of separation. Through meditation, we create a space for introspection and detachment from external influences. This allows for a deep dive into the inner realms, fostering self-awareness and aiding in the separation from external distractions.


  1. Time in Solitude:

   Spending intentional time alone is crucial during the separation phase. Solitude provides a fertile ground for self-discovery, enabling us to detach from external influences and connect with our inner selves. It encourages introspection and a deeper understanding of personal thoughts and emotions.


  1. Breathwork:Hi Thank 

   Breathwork techniques play a vital role in the alchemical process of separation. Focused breathing exercises help us centre ourselves, promoting a sense of internal balance and detachment from external stressors. It becomes a tool for cultivating mindfulness and navigating the separation journey.

  1. Practices to Balance the Mind:

   Various mental balancing practices, such as mindfulness exercises, cognitive restructuring, or positive affirmations, contribute to the separation process. These practices help us detach from negative thought patterns and establish a more harmonious mental state.

  1. Esoteric Study:

   Engaging in esoteric studies involves delving into hidden or mystical knowledge. This intellectual exploration during the separation phase deepens understanding, prompting a detachment from conventional perspectives and fostering a broader, more nuanced worldview.

  1. Higher Learning:

   Pursuing higher learning, whether formal education or self-directed study, aids in the separation process by expanding our intellectual and spiritual horizons. It encourages the exploration of diverse perspectives, promoting a more comprehensive understanding of yourself and the world.

  1. Sacred Geometry:

   Exploring sacred geometry becomes a symbolic and contemplative practice during separation. The study of geometric patterns and their spiritual significance contributes to a sense of order and interconnectedness, assisting us in transcending mundane concerns and connecting with higher realms of consciousness.


  1. Masculine and Feminine Inner Union:

   Inner union of masculine and feminine energies involves integrating and balancing opposing aspects within oneself. This process supports the separation by harmonizing internal dualities, fostering a more holistic and balanced approach to personal growth and self-discovery.

  1. Reflection:

   Reflective practices, such as contemplating past experiences and current situations, are integral to the separation journey. Regular reflection helps us detach from automatic reactions, fostering a more intentional and mindful approach to life.

  1. Nature:

    Connecting with nature is a powerful aspect of the separation process. Spending time in natural settings allows us to detach from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, fostering a profound sense of grounding and interconnectedness with the larger cosmos.

  1. Prayer:

    Prayer becomes a contemplative and spiritual practice that aids in the separation process. It serves as a means of seeking guidance, finding solace, and fostering a deeper connection with the divine, contributing to a sense of purpose and direction.

  1. Altar Creation:

    Creating a personal altar becomes a tangible representation of the sacred during the separation journey. It serves as a focal point for spiritual practices, symbolising commitment to the path of self-discovery and providing a physical space for contemplation and connection.

  1. Journaling:

    Journaling is a reflective practice during separation, allowing us to document thoughts, emotions, and insights. It serves as a tool for self-exploration, helping to detach from the chaos of daily life and providing a record of personal growth and transformation.

  1. Art:

    Engaging in artistic expressions, such as drawing, painting, or creative writing, supports the separation process. Art becomes a form of self-expression and exploration, providing an outlet for emotions and contributing to the development of a deeper understanding of the self.

  1. Solar Plexus Balancing:

    Balancing the solar plexus chakra is crucial during separation, as this energy center is associated with personal power and identity. Practices focused on the solar plexus, such as visualisations or energy work, help us detach from external expectations and cultivate a strong sense of self.

Possible Outcomes

  • Discarding of unconscious conditioning, beliefs and programming

  • Feeling interconnectedness of emotions and decision making based on what supports our soul expression

  • Deeper understanding and appreciation of our emotions, extra sensory perceptions and empathy

  • Heightened courage to step into our truth and purpose

  • Acceptance of uniqueness

  • Alignment with our soul purpose

  • Recognition of obstacles as opportunities

  • Ability to be with oneself and discern the highest outcomes

Primal Dance Medicine


Primal Dance Medicine has become one of the foundations of my practice, providing a transformative space where I embrace embodied exploration. Through my ongoing practice over the years, I curated a collection of playlists that serve as gateways to unlock the power and wisdom held within the body. Each playlist offers a unique journey, lovingly crafted to guide you through the depths of your emotions and into a state of open self-discovery.

The selection of music invites you to surrender to the rhythms, melodies, and beats, allowing your body to become a vessel for expression and release. If you feel guided to immerse yourself in the raw and authentic expression of your being through a dance journey, I invite you to use the created playlist, otherwise select a piece of music that feels good for you to journey with.

As you dance, allow yourself to create spaciousness within your heart, to fully open and receive the energy that flows within you. Invite your womb and yoni to expand, welcoming the depths of your wild feminine nature. Find liberation, as you move with the rhythm of your own unique essence. Breathe in this energy, allowing it to permeate every fibre of your being. Let it wash over your soul, embracing its potency and allowing it to become a portal to your own magic.

Here is a suggested pathway to initiate your dance medicine journey:

1. Select a playlist that resonates with your intention.
2. Find a comfortable and quiet space where you can be undisturbed.
3. Put on the music and let it fill the space around you.
4. Lie on the ground and close your eyes, allowing yourself to fully relax.
5. Take slow, deep breaths, consciously releasing any tension or stress.
6. Direct your attention to your body and set the intention by speaking softly, saying, "I ask my body to help me heal, release and awaken."
7. Allow the music to guide you and surrender to its rhythms and melodies.
8. As you lie there, let the music move through you, awakening sensations, emotions, and energies within.
9. Be present with whatever arises, without judgment or expectation, simply allowing the experience to unfold.
10. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes and slowly rise to a standing position.

11. Begin to move your body in any way that feels natural and authentic to you. Let your body lead the dance, expressing itself freely and intuitively.
12. Engage with the music, allowing it to guide your movements and ignite your inner fire.
13. Release any inhibitions and surrender to the flow of your body's wisdom and creativity.
14. Continue dancing for as long as you desire, allowing the music to carry you through the journey of self-discovery.
15. When you feel complete, take a few moments to ground yourself, expressing gratitude for the experience.
16. Reflect on any insights or sensations that arose during the dance, and consider journaling or expressing them in a creative way.
17. Remember to honour your body's needs and rest or nurture yourself as needed after the dance.

May your dance medicine journey be a sacred and transformative experience, connecting you with the deep wisdom and healing power within your being.