Alchemical Process



Through dissolution we alchemise the soul and are flooded by the grace of spirit as we are plunged into the waters of the unconscious. The parts of ourselves we have buried or hidden behind, are invited to the surface to be witnessed and seen. This unearthing may bring with it rejected parts or perceived faults, traumatic beginnings or abandoned hearts. It’s from the undoing that we can reform within the next alchemical process. It asks us to ;let go, and to release the structures and the systems that once defined our perceptions. New patterns and habits are birthed as we surrender into the sacred waters of initiation and baptism.

Chemically, In the dissolution stage the Alchemist now dissolves the ash from calcination in water.


element of water, feminine, inner mother and child, soul, unconscious, emotions, feelings, intuition, fluid, receptive, adaptable, healing, releasing, surrender, grief, maturity, cleansing, purification, tears, grace, love, relationships, connections, forgiveness, sacred gifts, deep trust, celebration, sensuality, engaging spirit, expansion, freedom, visions, dreams, mysticism, creative portal, empathy, seduction, boundaries

Suggested Exploration 

Embarking on the exploration of the alchemical process of dissolution involves a multidimensional approach, incorporating various transformative practices.

  1. Meditation:

   Meditation forms the foundation of the dissolution process by providing a space for introspection and mindfulness. Through focused breathing and stillness, we can explore our thoughts, emotions, and inner landscapes, fostering a sense of self-awareness crucial for the dissolution journey.

  1. Movement:

   Incorporating physical movement into the exploration is vital. Movement helps release stagnant energies within the body, allowing for a more fluid emotional experience. It can include gentle exercises, yoga, or any form of physical activity that promotes a mind-body connection.

  1. Dance:

   Dance takes movement a step further, offering a creative and expressive outlet. It allows us to embody our emotions, releasing tensions and facilitating the dissolution of emotional blockages. Dance becomes a transformative and liberating practice within the alchemical journey.

  1. Dream Capturing & Interpretation:

   Dreams often hold symbolic representations of the subconscious mind. Actively capturing and interpreting dreams provides insights into unresolved emotions and unexplored aspects of the self, contributing to the dissolution process by bringing buried thoughts and feelings to the surface.

  1. Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing:

   This practice involves approaching sexuality with reverence, recognising its potential for deep healing and transformation. Exploring the sacred aspects of sexuality enables us to connect with our bodies, release shame, and foster a healthy relationship with this integral aspect of human experience.

  1. Time Near Bodies of Water:

   Bodies of water, whether oceans, rivers, or lakes, symbolise the fluidity of emotions. Spending time near water facilitates a deep connection with emotional states, aiding in the dissolution of emotional barriers and fostering a sense of flow and release.

  1. Embodied Astrology:

   Embodied astrology is a holistic approach that seamlessly merges astrology with somatic practices, acknowledging the intricate link between celestial energies and the physical body. By embodying the insights of our astrological charts, this practice becomes a path which unfolds the mysteries of the subconscious and dissolution phase in the alchemical journey.


  1. Tarot:

   Tarot serves as a symbolic tool for introspection. Drawing and interpreting tarot cards can provide valuable insights into one's subconscious, guiding individuals through the dissolution process by offering perspectives on challenges, opportunities, and inner transformations.


  1. Prayer:

   Prayer offers a means of connecting with the divine or higher self. It becomes a source of guidance, strength, and comfort during the dissolution journey, fostering a sense of surrender and trust in the transformative process.


  1. Altar Creation:

    Crafting a personal altar becomes a tangible representation of the sacred space within. It serves as a focal point for spiritual practices, symbolizing commitment to the dissolution journey and creating a physical reminder of the transformative path being undertaken.


  1. Journaling:

    Journaling is a reflective practice where individuals can record thoughts, emotions, and experiences. It becomes a valuable tool for tracking progress, gaining insights, and fostering self-awareness throughout the dissolution process.


  1. Art:

    Engaging in artistic expressions, such as drawing, painting, or other creative endeavors, provides a non-verbal outlet for emotions. Art becomes a form of self-discovery and expression, contributing to the dissolution process by allowing the subconscious to communicate symbolically.


  1. Sacral Chakra Balancing:

    The sacral chakra, associated with emotions and creativity, plays a crucial role in the dissolution process. Balancing this energy center involves practices that promote emotional well-being, creativity, and healthy interpersonal relationships, supporting the overall journey of inner transformation.


Possible Outcomes

  • Cultivation and reintegration of feminine intuition

  • Deeper clarity and understanding of triggers and ego distractions

  • Feeling of emotions, while being detached from the story

  • Merging of the Masculine cerebrum and Feminine cerebellum hemispheres of the brain

  • Balanced and harmonious connection to heart and mind wisdom

  • Magnetizing Spirit and Soul as a guide of our true essence

  • Releasing outgrown habits and beliefs

  • Deep emotional clearing

  • Acceptance & embodiment of our empathic, sensitive intuitive nature

  • Opening and refinement of subtle energetic bodies

  • Access of womb healing and wisdom

  • Creative inspiration & desires weaved through dreamtime & visioning

  • Openings to unconscious as new awareness floods reality

Primal Dance Medicine


Primal Dance Medicine has become one of the foundations of my practice, providing a transformative space where I embrace embodied exploration. Through my ongoing practice over the years, I curated a collection of playlists that serve as gateways to unlock the power and wisdom held within the body. Each playlist offers a unique journey, lovingly crafted to guide you through the depths of your emotions and into a state of open self-discovery.

The selection of music invites you to surrender to the rhythms, melodies, and beats, allowing your body to become a vessel for expression and release. If you feel guided to immerse yourself in the raw and authentic expression of your being through a dance journey, I invite you to use the created playlist, otherwise select a piece of music that feels good for you to journey with.

As you dance, allow yourself to create spaciousness within your heart, to fully open and receive the energy that flows within you. Invite your womb and yoni to expand, welcoming the depths of your wild feminine nature. Find liberation, as you move with the rhythm of your own unique essence. Breathe in this energy, allowing it to permeate every fibre of your being. Let it wash over your soul, embracing its potency and allowing it to become a portal to your own magic.

Here is a suggested pathway to initiate your dance medicine journey:

1. Select a playlist that resonates with your intention.
2. Find a comfortable and quiet space where you can be undisturbed.
3. Put on the music and let it fill the space around you.
4. Lie on the ground and close your eyes, allowing yourself to fully relax.
5. Take slow, deep breaths, consciously releasing any tension or stress.
6. Direct your attention to your body and set the intention by speaking softly, saying, "I ask my body to help me heal, release and awaken."
7. Allow the music to guide you and surrender to its rhythms and melodies.
8. As you lie there, let the music move through you, awakening sensations, emotions, and energies within.
9. Be present with whatever arises, without judgment or expectation, simply allowing the experience to unfold.
10. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes and slowly rise to a standing position.

11. Begin to move your body in any way that feels natural and authentic to you. Let your body lead the dance, expressing itself freely and intuitively.
12. Engage with the music, allowing it to guide your movements and ignite your inner fire.
13. Release any inhibitions and surrender to the flow of your body's wisdom and creativity.
14. Continue dancing for as long as you desire, allowing the music to carry you through the journey of self-discovery.
15. When you feel complete, take a few moments to ground yourself, expressing gratitude for the experience.
16. Reflect on any insights or sensations that arose during the dance, and consider journaling or expressing them in a creative way.
17. Remember to honour your body's needs and rest or nurture yourself as needed after the dance.

May your dance medicine journey be a sacred and transformative experience, connecting you with the deep wisdom and healing power within your being.