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The Dragon Rose Temple of Womb Alchemy is a fertile multidimensional space of Feminine Magic. From within her radiant void like chamber, we unearth our true and raw essence. Fully remembered and accepted through; sacred sexual awakening & healing, embodied astrology, mythology, archetypal symbology and primal lower charka feminine practice.

She calls to you... Inviting you deeper... She longs for you to return home into this alchemical portal of life, death and rebirth




I have a deep reverence for our sacred womb portal. As a mother to 5 sons through two pregnancies (my second was a natural multiple birth) I have intimate knowledge of carrying life from spirit into form.
I have also traversed the deep underworld of womb distortion, which I believe was the catalyst for my diagnosis of cervical cancer in 2015. It was through my own sovereign journey of Womb Alchemy that I healed my cancer holistically and began a journey of remembrance and reclamation.
From this process, I came to fully embody the truth of the sacredness of our wombs, and the capacity we have to open and heal this gateway within our bodies.
Everything that I offer within this temple, was born out of my own sacred womb portal. As I surrendered too and journeyed with the primal, shamanic and tantric energy frequencies of the Ancient Mother. Energies we all hold from far far beyond this lifetime.
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I found it was the medicine of the Black Rose, that became the holy grail of our womb reclamation and resurrection.

It is the radiant Dark Goddess who carries the expressions we have feared to meet, to see, to acknowledge or to honour within. And yet, it is She too, that holds the ancient and magical gifts that we have come here to share.


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  • GoldAlchemy-Gold

    reconnect with lost or wounded parts of Self, with the potential to re-converge ancient timelines, memories, latent gifts and abilities

  • GoldAlchemy-Gold

    activate transformative and healing energies from within the womb space to support the purification and cleansing of ancestral wounding and trauma 

  • GoldAlchemy-Gold

    awaken new embodied perspectives that can help deepen and radically transform intimate relationships. 

  • GoldAlchemy-Gold

    communicate directly with the unconscious to rewrite the narrative of the Self into a more focusedfully alive and present state. Realigning the souls mission and path


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I will bring forward my new Womb Alchemy offerings in early 2024. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I will be thrilled to hear from you.

With love and gratitude, Lalena Rose xx

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