Sacred Devotion

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Honouring Cycles


Artist: Lalena Rose

I woke this morning to a white sky and magical snow-covered landscape. I’m completely snowed in!

What a beautiful gift from Mother Nature on the last day of the dark moon phase of my cycle

She has ensured that today will be a time of rest and reflection, a time to find stillness and calm in my heart

I invite you to join me

Turn to the North for support today. The element of Earth. Call in spirit. Honour your elders and ancestors who have come before you

Give thanks
Take stock
Claim responsibility
Celebrate achievements

This excerpt from a beautiful prayer of Honouring Completion by Pixie Lighthorse speaks to me deeply today…

“Thank you for this bright day of transformation and of finishing what we started. We’re proud of what we’ve created and lift it up to you in honouring.

Give us today the ability to leave the shells of ourselves behind. Impart in us a strength for the unknowns to come, so that we are fortified for the next leg of our journey. Show us our inventories with clarity, so that we can move forward clean and clear. Allow us our satisfaction with all that we are able to do and crystalline awareness of the legacies we are leaving in our wakes.”


Did these words resonate?
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