Sacred Devotion

Reverence Reflection Revalation

Wild, Primal, Free


Artist: Red K Elders

It’s coming
She can feel it brewing deep within

This moment she has suppressed
For how long she does not know

Perhaps a lifetime
From the very day she was born

Held by the Goddess as she took her first breath
She was told she was a gift to this earth as she opened her eyes

How did she forget?
When did it all change?

No longer, not now
She has again found her place

She has returned to that very moment
That very day

Tearing off her clothes she screams
Now naked, she is Wild, she is Primal, she is Free

She feels the raw energy of the earth pulsate through her veins
A primal beast waiting to attack

She feels the intensity building with each breath, each heartbeat
Her body contorts

She cannot breathe
She feels all the pain and all the glory as one

Coming through her, it explodes out of her
Fully surrendered, she is ready to release

To let go of it all

It secretes out of her body, she thrashes and howls
Her body knows

She longs to awaken each and every cell of her being
She yearns to radiate its potency onto the world

She is driven
She is fierce

She feels all her power
And yet with her love and depth, she will calm even the most jagged of hearts

She is WHOLE

She has come to breathe life back into that deeply hidden space in you
She has come to take you home 


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